Influencer Sophia Cheung Dies While Taking Selfie: All You Need To Know

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Sophia Cheung, an Instagram influencer died after she fell from a hiking spot in Hong Kong. As per reports, she slipped while taking a selfie.

The 32-year-old was reportedly slipped into the water near Ha Pak Lai park waterfall. Her friends who had accompanied her for the trip called in medical services but she passed away. Cheung who enjoyed massive followership on social media was mourned by her fans. She used to make hiking blogs which seem to have gained a big audience.

Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern hospital authority confirmed the news to news outlets in a statement, “It is confirmed that a 32-year-old woman has been sent to Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital and was certified dead at HK time 7:59pm on 10 July.”

Her philosophy for living life can be seen in her Instagram bio which reads, ” Life should be fun not dumb.” She has also listed her interests in her bio which are mostly outdoor activities such as kayaking, exploring, hiking and photography.

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Image: Sofia Cheung, Instagram

Here’s what we know of Sophia Cheung:

  • A resident of Hong Kong, Cheung has over ten thousand followers on Instagram. The majority of her posts were about outdoor activities such as hiking and kayaking. Her last post was made five days ago. The caption read, ” Better days are coming they are called Saturday and Sunday.”
  • Her Instagram profile is filled with Sofia Cheung posing in front of scenic backdrops. Sometimes a rugged cliff, water bodies, atop a mountain and many such dangerous terrains.
  • As per a report by The Sun, the influencer had gone to Ha Pak Lai park on Saturday around 11 am. She had three of her friends tagging along.
  • She reportedly was near Pineapple Mountain which is a popular spot for hiking enthusiasts in Hong Kong. While clicking a selfie near the waterfall, she fell 16 feet down into the water and died.
  • Many of her fans have flocked to the comment section of her picture leaving condolences for the social media celebrity. One fan wrote, “I will gonna miss your chat every day. I love you always rest in peace my pretty sofi. Another wrote, “Rip Sophie! I can’t believe last week I still chat with you.”

Sophia Cheung has joined the long list of social media celebrities, influencers and Tiktok personalities who recently lost their lives. Some by accident, disease and so many by suicide. Here is the story of Caitlyn Loane. As per a report by The Sun, over 330 people in the world have died while taking selfies at dangerous spots.

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