Who Is Shweta And Why Is Her Zoom Call Breaking The Internet?

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Shweta Zoom call breaks the internet: What was allegedly supposed to be a secret between Shweta and a boy who divulged details about his girlfriend to her is now – unfortunately for him – out in the open. That too at an unprecedented scale. This “secret,” now known to everyone with an internet connection, has gone viral and sparked a memefest.

During what appears to be a Zoom audio call with several people connected, the girl in question, Shweta, apparently forgot to mute herself before embarking upon an impassioned storytelling session with a friend on a different call. There, she seems to be exchanging notes about a boy who had made some private revelations to her about his girlfriend.

All this while, she remains oblivious to her unmuted Zoom mic that has now relayed her entire information about the said boy to everyone present.

Despite multiple protestations from her Zoom friends, who, between shocked giggles, raise alarms and implore Shweta to mute herself, she doesn’t.

As the dialogue continues on her end, unknowing of the beans she just spilled, Shweta says in Hindi, “He didn’t even tell this to his best friend.” Promptly, someone from the Zoom circle wisecracks, “And now 111 people know of it.”

Internet Overdoses On Shweta Memes

Soon after the pawri ho rahi hai trend gripped the internet, Shweta is contending strongly to replace it as the next viral obsession. We rounded up some reactions to the entire Shweta gaffe for you:

Shweta Zoom call prompts a storm of memes

Shweta Zoom Call: Just One Of The Many Video Mishaps This Pandemic

The Shweta Zoom call is just one of a million similar instances the internet has had the privilege of enjoying. Through the pandemic, there have been countless Shwetas who, unbeknownst to their unmuted mics, have let on more than they intended. Some faux pas occurred locally and were ultimately forgotten. Some others haven’t been so lucky.

This wife, for instance, chose the absolute worst time for romance with her husband who was mid-call discussing GDP and economics. Her sudden attempt at a kiss, unfortunately, failed because the husband dodged.

See the video below: 

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