In Bhopal, Wife Helps Husband Marry Girlfriend: Here’s Why She Made The Right Choice

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A woman in Bhopal divorced her husband of three years and helped him get married to his girlfriend. According to a report by news agency ANI, the man in question wanted to be married to both women at once. However, his wife took the call of stepping out of the love triangle, so he could go ahead and marry his girlfriend. The lawyer handling the case was quoted saying, “He wanted to be in marital relationship with both which isn’t legally possible. But the wife is very mature, she divorced him & helped him marry his girlfriend.”

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Why the Bhopal woman’s choice was wise

This was a wise decision on part of the wife, and one, that not many would dare take, which is what makes it so laudable. How many of us would possess the maturity as this woman, in case our partner expressed the wish of being with another? Even more, if they wished for it three years into a matrimonial union? Arguably, not many.

Separation is never easy. But in this case, to the wife, must have seemed the only way out to ensure the sanity and happiness of all three parties involved. So be it. Would it have brought any good had the husband been pining for another lover while the wife was painfully aware of it all the time?

Since it was a personal choice – and many cannot boast of a similar mental tenacity as her – such amicability may not always be possible in situations where the partner is adulterous or cheating. But the choice she made sets a strong precedent, and a solid argument, for the acceptance of divorce in India.

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Divorce amplifies the need for personal happiness

In a time when the “global divorce rate has increased upto 251.8 percent since 1960”, India still prides itself on being the country with the lowest divorce rates in the world. With a rate of less than 1 percent, here out of 1000 marriages, only 13 result in divorce. But is this an indication of a perfect, healthy culture of marriage? Does it not indicate instead that we as a society have stigmatised divorce so much, that we choose to stay in toxic relationships for fear of “log kya kahenge”? That we are ready to easily sacrifice our emotional, personal, and mental health, even if it means enduring the hardships of a dying marriage? Is that bringing us any good, save for a weak facade of being tolerant people? And who are we even trying to prove our tolerance to?

Divorce or separation of any kind shouldn’t be taboo. Why stake your own lives just so society’s threads of morality or tradition can remain intact? The choice of divorce is a personal one, as the Bhopal woman has aptly proved. It is a big step she took towards progress, in regard to identifying flawed relations, imperfections, breaking of taboos, and most importantly, the priority of personal happiness. More Indians would do well to take a leaf out of her book.

Views expressed are the author’s own.