Woman Chooses Wrong Moment To Kiss Her Workaholic Husband

Wife tries kissing husband, Wife Tries To Kiss Husband
Wife tries to kiss husband on Zoom call: It’s not common to see an Indian wife break the ‘decorum’ of sanskaar she is bound by to initiate romance with her husband. As it turns out, that reality is changing, and how!

In a rather endearing (and hilarious) video going viral on social media, an unsuspecting woman leaned in to kiss her unsuspecting husband. (Yes, both were unsuspecting. You’ll know why shortly.) Her romantic attack, unfortunately, failed because the husband dodged. Because having his cheek kissed while talking about GDP and the economy on Zoom call to (probably) an audience didn’t seem like a good idea to him. Would it, to anybody? 

Wife tries to kiss husband: But he dodged

The woman, who came into the room to pick some stuff up, perhaps in a well-intentioned moment of love can be seen trying to plant a kiss on him. In shock, and with rather impressive reflexes, the man in the video jerkily pulls his face away, following it up with an incredulous – “What nonsense you’re doing here?” – and a look of embarrassed self-consciousness.   

See the video below:

Wife Tries To Kiss Husband: Valentine’s Comes Early 

The video shared many times over by Twitter users has amassed a string of amused reactions – at both the husband’s tragic position and the wife’s innocent attempt at some love. While the origins or date of the video aren’t yet known, there couldn’t have been a better time than around Valentine’s Day for it to go viral. 

One Twitter user added to the married love in the air by sharing another undated video that showed another man mid-video call willingly accepting a cheek kiss from his wife. 

Another video on the dynamic married Indian couples share recently went viral, where Dr KK Aggarwal’s wife told him off when he was on a live session for getting vaccinated without her and the family. He had later issued a statement urging people to take the video in good humour and to take a vaccine shot when possible. 

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Image Credit: Twitter [Wife tries to kiss husband]