Who Is Hamsa Nandini? 10 Things About The Actor Battling Grade III Breast Cancer

Who Is Hamsa Nandini, Hamsa Nandini
Who Is Hamsa Nandini? The recent black and white, bald picture posted by Telugu actor Hamsa Nandini have caught the attention of many followers on social media profiles who are eagerly waiting for her speedy recovery from Grade III Invasive Carcinoma(Breast Cancer).

She wrote “No matter what life throws at me, no matter how unfair it may seem, I refuse to play the victim. I refuse to be ruled by fear, pessimism and negativity. I refuse to quit. With courage and love, I will push forward.”

Who Is Hamsa Nandini: 10 Things To Know About Her

1. Hamsa Nandini is a female actor known for her presence in Telugu cinema. Some of her well-celebrated movies are Anumanaspadam, Corporate, Adhineta, Legend.

2. Her real name is Poonam Bartake. However, she was given the name of Hamsa Nandini by one of her directors Vamsy.

3. Nandini is also a model, dancer who has appeared in many roles and songs in Telugu, Hindi and Kannada cinema.

4. She was born in Pune but moved on to Mumbai to become an actor.

5. Hamsa has modelled for many famous shows and channels like Celebrity Cricket LeagueMaaStars magazine, Hyderabad International Fashion Week of 2011 and 2013.

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6. She was well recognised for her work as a warrior princess in the Telugu movie Rudhramadevi as Madanika. The period drama starring Anushka Shetty in the lead role was a big hit.

7. Hamsa believes the Telegu film producers need to improve a lot and stop searching for “hero-dominated subjects” for the movies.

8. In her recent posts on social media platforms, Hamsa informed her fan and followers of the BRCA1(Hereditary Breast Cancer) that she was diagnosed with and her absence from the screens thereby.

9. Hamsa has already undergone nine cycles of Chemotherapy and have seven more in the pipeline.

10. Despite the severe disease, she has decided to keep up with life and fight back with a smile and win. She promises through her posts, that she will get back on screen better and stronger. Read here.