Who Is Tapasya Parihar? IAS Officer Who Refused To Kanyadaan On Her Wedding

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Who Is Tapasya Parihar:  Tapasya Parihar is an IAS officer who is in news for refusing to kanyadaan on her wedding by telling her father, ‘I am not a charity thing, I am your daughter.’ Her husband and family were quite supportive of her decision. Her wedding took place without giving any Kanyadaan.

Here’s what you need to know about her.

  • Tapasya Parihar’s father is a farmer in Joba village of Madhya Pradesh.
  • After completing her schooling from the Kendriya Vidyalaya in her district, she moved to Pune to complete her law degree.
  • She prepared for the Indian Administrative Services exam in New Delhi for two and a half years and scored the 23rd rank in 2018 civil services exams to become an IAS officer.
  • She recently tied the marital knot with IFS officer Gauravit Gangwar in Joba village of Narshinghpur of Madhya Pradesh.
  • She was against the ritual of kanyadaan and persuaded her family, her husband and her in-laws to conduct the wedding without kanyadaan. Parihar insisted she was not a thing that could be given away in charity and refused to have the ritual be performed at her wedding.
  • In an interview, she said that she didn’t like the ideology of giving away daughters since childhood.
  • Her husband said that it was the right thing to do and we should do away with such beliefs and rituals gradually.
  • Tapasya Parihar’s dad was also happy considering the fact that his son-in-law was progressive and believed in equal rights.
  • Many people criticised her and her family for not taking Hindu rituals seriously.

What is Kanyadaan?

Kanyadaan is a Hindu ritual where the girl’s father gives away her daughter in charity to the groom’s family. In this, the father takes his daughters right hand and places it in the groom’s right hand. It signifies a request from the father’s side to accept his daughter as his equal partner.

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