Sameera Reddy Remembers ‘Having A Full Meltdown’ At 35 Because She Wasn’t Hitched

Sameera Reddy
Sameera Reddy: Actor Sameera Reddy, who gave birth to her second child, a baby girl in 2019, is reminding us again what it is like to be a woman in India and doubt ourselves at many points.

She has shared personal and insightful messages relating to womanhood, the pressure of being single after a certain age and how she tried hard to fit in. Posting about different facets that are considered taboo for a single woman, she wrote in an Instagram post, “When will you get married? When will you have babies? The panic I felt every time I was asked that question.”

“Esp when I hit 35 I remember having a full meltdown because I wasn’t hitched yet! There is so much pressure on women to find a partner and have babies to feel complete. Or fulfilled (sic),” the actor wrote in a post that accompanied a collage picture of herself with her husband Akshai Varde, with whom she is raising two kids, Hans and Nyra. The Maine Dil Tujhko Diya actor is married to Varde, who runs a custom motorcycle business, since 2018.

Though Reddy might have been missing from the Bollywood scene, she was constantly asked about her relationship status, more than films or career. “To mentally tick all those boxes we need to fit into. It’s very stressful. And then when you get married there is constant judgement till you have a kid. And then asked if you will have another one and you have to end up explaining why or why not,” she claimed.

Sharing how women feel insecure with these thoughts, she expressed, “I get a lot of single women saying how they feel really judged. How do we change the narrative to empower women? So that life decisions are not made in fear or haste or settling for something not deserving just to have that ring.” She also reasons that there’s no need to be feeling “judged” but to “make sure we feel supported.”

Earlier, the Race actor had shared her struggle with postpartum depression. She had revealed that she was “a mess” after the birth of her son Hans in 2015. Before giving birth to her second child, she had opened up about postpartum depression, alopecia and more.

Feature Image Credit: Times of India

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