This Navi Mumbai Cop Is Normalising Lifiting Weight For Women With Her Videos

Rupali Ambure videos
Rupali Ambure Videos: Refusing to listen to the popular societal idea that ‘too much’ gym can make a woman look manly, the Deputy Commissioner of Police in the Navi Mumbai Rupali Ambure has been lifting heavy weights for years. what’s more, she also shares her workout videos on social media to help normalise lifting weight among women.

Rupali Ambure has some 66 posts on her Instagram feed close to half of which are of her working out- be it rowing feverously or lifting weights of all sizes and shapes. She does not shy away from heavyweight dumbells squats either. Plus, most of her reels tend to get some 500 to 1,500 views. Other than fitness routine videos, she also posts pictures from her various travels, marathons, her daughters dance routines and her two adorable dogs.

“It is a myth that lifting weight makes you look masculine and I am aware that a lot of women still have this misconception. There are so many women in my gym who follow the same workout programme that I do. Although I have never thought about it in terms of gender, these are definitely some notions that we need to do away with,” she said in a recent interview with the Hindustan Times.

Ambure first started working out when she was posted as DCP for Central Railway, which is under the Mumbai Government Railway Police. It was the year 2014. While she was the DCP there, women GRP had complained about the inhumane treatment that they faced while on duty. Whether it be no availability of drinking water and toilet facilities or no day childcare facilities for the women cops with children. Mother to two daughters herself, Ambure said that she had taken the initiative of providing creche in each police station but the programme failed as no women cop came forward for utilising it.

From 2014 to now, Ambure has made it an everyday point to drag herself to work out by 5:30 AM regardless of her busy schedule or occasional blues. This regimen of cardio, weight lift and diet, not only started changing her body physically but also in terms of attitude and health. She definitely felt more energetic than before.

Here’s hoping that Ambure continues to challenge stereotypes that women face at gym, which often discourage them from opting for a workout that they like or would help them build their core strength, and go for a routine that society feels wouldn’t leave them with a “manly” body. A woman has every right to decide how her body looks, besides, weightlifting isn’t just about building muscle mass, but sadly many make this assumption based on their limited understanding.

Feature Image Credit: Rupali Ambure/Instagram

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