Here Is Why Amrita Arora’s Fitness Post Is Relatable For Every Beginner

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Amrita Arora fitness: When Malaika Arora’s sister took to her Instagram to share her fitness challenge on June 18, many fitness aspirants resonated with her. After confessing what had kept her from sweating out, she wrote, “Now is the time, NO EXCUSES!”

While it is really difficult to stay motivated amidst a global pandemic, actors like Amrita Arora has made sure to be that motivation. When Arora herself lost her motivation and “totally neglected her fitness and blamed external stimuli for it”, she took to her social media to share her 30-day challenged to make sure she stays on track, “Now is the time, NO EXCUSES!” she says, “I’m at 58 kilos,43 years young, honey let’s see if I still got it! In 30 days we see where I’m at yall! Keep y’all posted”

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The 43-year-old actor’s sister to Malaika Arora is a fitness enthusiast. India’s Best Dancer judge wrote in an Instagram post, “The four-letter word that pushed me through was HOPE,” while sharing her story of recovering from COVID-19, “The hope that it’s all going to be okay, even when it feels like it’s not okay.”

In the said post, she alleged that people passed off her COVID-19 struggles as “easy”, replying to the same, she said, “And easy!? Boy! That, it was not.”

She added that anyone out there calling a COVID recovery as easy is either isn’t aware of the struggles of COVID-19 or blessed with great immunity. Having gone through it herself, “Easy” is not the word she had chosen. She tested positive for the infection of September 5 and faced severe complications and symptoms.

Amrita Arora Fitness

The Girlfriend and Golmaal Returns actor further thanked her coach Dre Neal who “help her through this journey front and centre” and Sarvesh Shashi “who’s always had her back through it all”.