Celebrating Richa Chadha's Birthday With Her Most Thought-Provoking Quotes

From pay parity to feminism, here are some thought-provoking quotes by Richa Chadha that every woman, and man, should read.

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Richa Chadha Quotes: Actor Richa Chadha turns 35 today. The actor who made her Bollywood debut with a small role in the film Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! in 2008, has carved her own niche in the industry with her unconventional selection of films. Chadha has featured in memorable films like Gangs of Wasseypur, Masaan, Fukrey, Fukrey Returns, Sarbjit and Love Sonia. Despite featuring in films with talented ensemble casts, Chadha managed to leave a mark with her performances.

Chadha's filmography and role selection offers a peek into her mind as well- she is fierce, experimental and does what she feels is right, instead of going by what people might have to say about her choices.

Here are some of Richa Chadha Quotes to celebrate her birthday:

On how society feels unsettled by opinionated women, Chadha says, "I don’t think Bollywood in large gets uncomfortable, but I do think that society gets very uncomfortable, with opinionated, self-made &t=305s">women."

On going by what she feels is right, instead of going by what others say, Chadha opines, "Judging others, everyone has their own compulsions and reasons and I don’t want to focus on others and why they choose to do or not do certain things, I can only help myself and say what is important to me."

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While talking about how human trafficking survivors deserve a fresh start, Chadha says, "Get them a nice house in the suburbs where they can flourish, learn, take care of their kids, because they have really been through a lot."

Equal pay is an issue that has been raised by many female actors in the last few years, and this is Chadha's take on it, "We have a long way to go before people pay everyone at par. It is really stupid to pay people less based on their gender in any field. But it happens all over the world because I think the whole world is stupid. People should get paid at par with what kind of audience they bring in. This is why superstars make a lot of money because they can ensure a certain return on investment and it’s fair to do that. But people shouldn’t be exploited in that case."

Chadha has been against the promotion of fairness creams since the beginning of her career. On the discrimination that women face, based on their skin tone, she says, "Yes. It’s really silly that we are a country of brown people and yet we are always talking about fairness creams. Forget women, even men have also started using fairness creams. We should be known for our skin colour and be proud of it. It is the colonial hangover of the cheapest sort to go after fair skin. I would never endorse a fairness cream. Even when I had no money and I was starting to model in Mumbai, I would never go for fairness cream auditions."

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The definition of feminism is a matter of debate for many. Chadha's stand on the issue is clear as she says, "Feminism basically says both men and women are equal. It doesn't say women are better or men are stupid."

On the issue of female infanticide, Chadha opines, "India is one of those few countries in the world where violence against women starts in the womb, before the girl is even born

Chadha also believes in encouraging women to take a stand against workplace harassment, saying, “If women don’t feel safe, then how will the work be done. It shouldn’t be trial by media but trial by law. If you’ve filed a complaint then don’t back out. If someone is putting pressure on you, voice it. There are people who’ll hear you”.

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