Catch Kriti Sanon’s Mother’s Reaction On Karan Johar’s Recent Comment On KWK 7

Kriti Sanon's Mother Reaction
Kriti Sanon’s mother seemed to think that her daughter might have been the target of an attempt to insult her. Karan Johar once disclosed that Kriti turned down Lust Stories because of her mother. She responds to the comment herself.

On his show Koffee With Karan 7,  Johar once angered fans by disclosing that Sanon refused Lust Stories because of her mother. Many were left with the impression that he brought up Sanon on purpose to belittle her.

Kriti Sanon’s Mother Reaction

Sanon stated on Koffee with Karan that she turned down a number of gigs because her mother would not approve of them. “My mum said no to your (Karan Johar) role because she was uncomfortable with the nature of the script, considering that the focus of it was exclusively on sensual sequences,” She remarked on the show.

She advised against doing it because of this in the short film directed by Johar in the 2018 anthology Lust Stories, which showcases a scene with the female lead having an orgasm in front of her family and that according to her wouldn’t do much to her career. Kiara Advani eventually took over the part.

Many were left with the impression that Karan brought up Kriti on purpose to belittle her. Geeta Sanon, Kriti Sanon’s mother agreed that Johar may have attempted to treat Kriti softly, which changed the course of the rumours.

She additionally stated that the reason she had asked her mother for permission was a result of her upbringing in a middle-class family. “My family is middle class, and subjects like these that are up for debate can be a little alarming to them. However, I don’t always ask my mom,” she admitted on the programme.

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Sanon has seen in her last movie Mimi which was a hit, and now she is coming back with her new movie Bhediya Starrer Varun Dhawan.