How Did Italian-Dutch Adult Star Charlotte Angie Die?

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Carol Maltesi, whose stage name is Charlotte Angie was murdered at Brescia in Italy while taping sex videos. The 26-year-old adult performer was mother to a child. Her dismembered body was found at a mountain cliff on March 21 this year. In connection with her murder, a 43-year-old man was arrested.

*The following contains details of the gruesome assault that some may find disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.

The man was arrested for allegedly murdering Angie and chopping her body into 15 pieces before dumping them out to cover his track. The accused, Davide Fontana, is a Milan-based bank employee and used to live in Angie’s neighbourhood. He has reportedly confessed to the Italian police that he had assaulted Angie with a hammer in January this year, leading to her death.

After Angie’s death, Fontana allegedly kept her remains in a freezer that he had installed in her house. But when she failed to turn up for her work in a club, the police began investigating her disappearance, which led them to Fontana. He then confessed to killing her and earlier this week, on March 29, he was arrested on multiple counts including homicide.

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How Did Charlotte Angie Die?

Fontana claimed that he was shooting two sex videos of violent nature with Angie, when things took a turn, leading to her death. He said, “(we) went up to the bedroom, where a lap dance pole is installed. I tied the girl’s wrists to the pole with duct tape and a black plastic bag over her head.”

He said that he then allegedly brutally assaulted her before slitting her throat. Reports have also stated that he had filmed the video of the disturbing incident on his phone but it has been deleted, however,  forensic experts may be able to recover it.

In order to throw the investigators off the course, he kept on using the deceased adult star’s mobile. He even paid her rent and texted her mother that she is okay and had decided to leave pornography, and wrote that she was too busy to explain why. He also, reportedly, sent “kinky” texts to her boyfriend, who lives in Holland.

Angie’s dismembered body was found by a passerby who spotted a hand with purple glitter nail polish on it. The investigators were unable to identify the body as the face had been burned. The description that was circulated said that there were a total of 11 tattoos on the body parts.

The media reported that Angie’s body was identified by investigative journalist Andrea Tortelli. He had contacted the family to confirm the identity of the deceased through pictures. News media have also reported that Tortelli had texted Angie and was getting replies, then he asked for a voice note from her to confirm her identity. When that did not happen, he reportedly approached the police.

Feature Image Credit: NY Post