Dutee Chand To Feature On Magazine Cover With Girlfriend Monalisa

Dutee Chand Girlfriend Monalisa
Athlete Dutee Chand has been open about her sexual identity for a few years now. She had refrained from revealing the name of her partner. This year on valentine’s day, a local magazine in the Odia language is going to have Dutee Chand and her partner Monalisa on its cover. 

This is the first time that a family magazine will celebrate the love story of two women on its cover page. The athlete and her partner have reportedly given an extensive interview to the magazine regarding their relationship. As per reports, Chand met Monalisa at a puja in her village and started to talk to each other on phone. The couple confessed their love to each other after one year of knowing each other.

Dutee Chand Girlfriend Monalisa Love Story:

Olympics champion will also address the questions she gets asked about her sexual identity. She said that the only difference between a same-sex relationship and heteroromantic one is how they are perceived by people. Chand had given an interview to the Indian Express in 2019 when she said that even after two years of being out, she still gets asked personal questions.

She said, “I have no objections to individuals asking me personal questions. It’s not like I’m not doing something special,”

“A lot of journalists keep asking me deeply personal questions like ‘tumhaara pyaar kitna door tak gaya? (what is the status of your relationship?)’ or ‘family ke log tumko accept kar rahe ki nahi? (has your family accepted your relationship)’ or ‘tum future main shaadi karogi? (will you get married in future?)’, ” she added.

Chand had added that she tells everyone that loving someone is not a crime . She added, “I adore my girlfriend, and she adores me as well, wishing to spend the rest of her days with me.”

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