10 Things To Know About BLACKPINK’s New Movie Scheduled For An August Release

The BLACKPINK new movie is set to be released in August which is the month of the girl group’s debut anniversary.

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BLACKPINK new movie: On June 16, YG Entertainment, the company that manages K-pop girl band BLACKPINK,  confirmed that a movie titled BLACKPINK The Movie will be released in August to mark the band's fifth debut anniversary. The movie is a part of a bigger celebration to mark five years of BLACKPINK and the massive success this girl band has achieved over years.

All the BLINKS out there have been tweeting non-stop ever since the new movie was confirmed today. The South Korean girl group has achieved many things and broken many records throughout their five-year-old career. Recently, they broke the world record for the fastest K-pop group music video to cross the 1.3 billion viewers milestone. The members were also appointed as advocates for United Nation's Climate Change Conference in 2021. Read more on that here.

The four members are all on track for their solo singing careers. Lisa is set to release her first solo album this month while Rose and Jennie have already released theirs. Rose’s solo album also set two Guinness World Records for the most viewed music video by a K-Pop artist in 24 hours and for being the first artist to reach number one on a Billboard Global chart as a solo artist and as a part of a group. Check out more on that here.


Here are 10 Things To Know About BLACKPINK The Movie:

  • The new BLACKPINK movie is set to be released in August which is the month of the girl group’s debut anniversary.
  • YG Entertainment confirmed that the movie will be released worldwide in 100 countries.
  • The movie will cover the journey of the girls as idols as well as their journey to achieve international fame. The film will include sequences like The Room of Memory which will give the audience an insight into their lives.
  • The memories the girls share together for the past five years along with their fans will also be featured in the movie.
  • The film will also shed light on their contrasting personalities.
  • The movie will have an “Unreleased Special Interview” dedicated to the fans of the girl band, popularly known as BLINKS.
  • Five songs from their previous concerts The Show and In Your Area will also be included in the film. The songs will be featured in a way that viewers will be able to feel like they are part of a real-life concert.
  • BLACKPINK The Movie is only a part of the girl group’s fifth-anniversary project.
  • Their project is titled “4+1 PROJECT.” Many fans speculate that the “+1” indicates a new member that will join the group. But others are of the opinion that it refers to the four members and BLINKS.
  • Lisa, Jennie, Rose, and Jisoo will reportedly also be a part of a festival, performing for their fans at the event set to be organised to mark their anniversary.

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