Comedian Bharti Singh Lost 15 Kg Weight In One Year: Here’s How She Did It

Bharti Singh weight loss
Bharti Singh weight loss journey: Comedian Bharti Singh managed to lose 15 kilograms of weight in the span of one year. As revealed by Singh herself, she brought down her weight from 91 kilos to 76 kgs. So how did Singh exactly do it? Did she follow any special diet? Does she have a customised routine? Many of Singh’s followers are amazed with the actor’s extreme body transformation wondering how she managed to execute her weight-loss journey.

Singh revealed in a recent interview that even after losing weight, people still call her cute. “I guess that’s because people never found me hot not do I want that tag. I like being cute,” she reasoned. The 37-year-old also said that her husband Haarsh Limbachiyaa likes her new version, however, he also gets irritated at times when she refuses to eat outside food.

How did she do it?

In an interview with The Times of India, Singh said that she follows Intermittent fasting. “I don’t eat between 7pm and 12pm,” she said, adding that after 12 pm she “attacks” food and her body doesn’t accept dinner any later than 7 pm. The comedian said that she ate a lot of food for 30 to 32 years and then committed one year to her body which accepted it.

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern with alternate cycles of eating and fasting for a stretch of time. A person observes fast for a set duration and only consumes food during a specific time period. As it is with any form of eating pattern or diet, person should always consult a medical practioner to ensure that it doesn’t affect their body and pre-existing medical condition in a negative way.

The weight loss is just one aspect, Singh strict regime has also given her other health benefits. Singh said that not only does she feel lighter and fitter, her diabetes and asthma are in control as well.

In July this year the comedian spoke about having to take a pay cut during the COVID-19 induced lockdown. Singh revealed that while she tried to negotiate her pay check initially, eventually she agreed to work for smaller pay check. ”

Everyone is trying to get back on their feet. Once we generate good ratings, sponsors will automatically come back and our fee will also be raised,” Singh added. Read more on that here.

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