When Bharti Singh Was Touched Inappropriately During Shows: How The Comedian Dealt With It

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Bharti Singh harassed: Popular Hindi comedian and actor Bharti Singh recently revealed that she faced inappropriate behaviour during many shows in the past. Singh recounted a specific incident when a person “rubbed” a hand against her back. Such indents happened even when her mother would accompany her to shows, she said. Singh went on to add that there were times when people would tease  her and she didn’t understand how inappropriate it was.

“I didn’t know that he teased me,” she said, adding that people used to assure her mother that they’d take care of her but their actions spoke otherwise. When asked if such things happened to her during shows regularly, the comedian confessed that it happened a lot of times. “The coordinators who pay you, they’d rub their hands on your back, I know it’s not a good feeling, but he’s like my uncle, he can’t be bad,” she said explaining that she didn’t understand before, but now she knows.

She emphasised it’s important for kids to understand that they can say no to people if they feel uncomfortable in certain situations: Bharti Singh harassed.

Singh also spoke on internalising such inappropriate behaviour, saying she thought she was in the wrong and the people who touched her inappropriately were right. “I had no courage back then,” Singh further claimed that now she can speak up for herself, and fight for her body and rights. She also spoke about how important it has become now to tell children of today about good touch and bad touch.

Recently, Singh had revealed that she was a national-level shooter and even competed at the national level 12 years ago. Claiming that she can still aim like a pro. Singh had also spoken up about the resistance she faced from her family for pursuing a career in entertainment. ” She doesn’t have a father. What’s her profession? She makes people laugh. She wouldn’t get married. We know how girls succeed in Mumbai,” said Bharti, recalling what her relatives had to say.

In a separate interview, Bharti Singh revealed that she had to take major pay cuts for her television shows during the pandemic. Singh, who is part of shows like Dance Deewane and The Kapil Sharma Show had to take pay cuts of 70 and 50 percent respectively for the shows. Singh said that while she did try to negotiate over it, she eventually realised that channels couldn’t pay up as TV and shows weren’t getting many sponsors. “Everyone is trying to get back on their feet. Once we generate good ratings, sponsors will automatically come back and our fee will also be raised,” she said.

Who is Bharti Singh?

Singh started her career with The Laughter Challenge and now she is seen hosting Dance Deewane 3 with husband Haarsh Limbaachiya. She is known for her work in comedy shows like Comedy Circus 3 Ka Tadka, Comedy Circus Maha-Sangram, Comedy Circus Ke SuperStars, Comedy Circus Ka Jadoo, and various more editions of Comedy Circus. The Kapil Sharma Show.

Feature Image Credit: Indian Express