Comedian Bharti Singh Admitted Taking A Pay Cut, Says ‘Everyone felt the pinch’

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Bharti Singh pay cut: Comedian Bharti Singh recently revealed she along with her team had to take a pay cut.

Talking to a leading daily, the comedian said that everyone must has felt the pinch and when they were asked to take a pay cut and she was no exception. Last year, when everything was under lockdown, Singh first contemplated the decision of working for less money. Bharti Singh revealed that initially, she negotiated the new terms but after some discussions arrived at a deal.

She also negotiated a lot, however, when she reflected on the recent times, she realised that  so many businesses have shut down. The channels have lost sponsors, so where could they bring the money from? “Everyone is trying to get back on their feet. Once we generate good ratings, sponsors will automatically come back and our fee will also be raised,” she said.

Singh further said that artistes have worked with the same channel for years and all their demands have been heard. Now that the channels are asking for help, she does not think any of them could refuse. Everyone has had a decrease in payment. The comedian continued, “We are working together and trying our best to stay afloat”, adding, “So, I don’t think anyone had an issue in taking a pay cut.”

On an earlier occasion, Singh revealed that she was harassed multiple times on television shows. A coordinator once rubbed his hand on her back. Thinking that he was like her “uncle”, she believed that he could not be a bad person. Similar incidents would take place even when her mother accompanied her to shows. Though people on the set assured her that they would take care of her daughter, their actions defied their words. Read more here.

Singh came to limelight after becoming the second runners up at the Season 4 of the popular comedy show The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. 

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