Aaliyah Kashyap Offers Clarification On Breakup Rumours

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Aaliyah Kashyap breakup rumours correct or not? Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap and film editor Aarti Bajaj’s daughter, Aaliyah Kashyap has been dating American entrepreneur Shane Gregoire, who is also a transformational coach by profession, for quite some time now. However, rumours about the couple calling it quits have been doing rounds recently.

20-year-old Kashyap offered some clarity on the issue in her latest YouTube vlog. When one follower asked her, “Did you and Shane break up? Don’t really see you guys together anymore,” Kashyap responded, “No we didn’t!!” She further added that her relationship with her boyfriend Gregoire is still going strong.

Sharing some personal details, Kashyap said that Gregoire has been travelling a lot lately for work so she also doesn’t “see him as often “as i used to and when i do i prefer not filming it so we can actually spend time together…  i’II post something with him soon though! (sic).” She added that she “pinned it because it’s all i’ve been asked for the past 2 weeks.”

Watch Aaliyah Kashyap’s latest video here:

The internet star often posts pictures with Gregoire and is very open about her relationship on social media. In a YouTube video she shared last month, Kashyap confessed she would personally never get “matching tattoos” with her boyfriend because “there is no guarantee if your relationship is going to work out.” She further explained that “getting a matching tattoo is such a big commitment” and she would definitely regret it.

Previously, in a YouTube video shared on Kashyap’s channel, she stressed that she is a “delicate individual” who struggles to handle the “social media negativity”.

Kashyap has 208k Instagram followers, with around 44k subscribers on YouTube. She is also the new brand ambassador for designer Babita Malkani’s brand. Kashyap was in news earlier this year when she opened up about being heavily trolled for posting pictures of herself in lingerie. Read more on that here.

Feature Image Credit: Instagram /Shane Gregoire

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