Does Institution Of Marriage Needs A Rethink? Watch Kiran Rao Decode

As a guest on the brand new talk show The Rule Breaker Show, hosted by Shaili Chopra, Kiran Rao delves deep into her personal experiences and ideologies, shedding light on her unique perspective on marriage and divorce.

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In a society often bound by traditional norms and expectations, there are those who dare to break free from the conventional moulds, paving their paths to fulfilment. One such individual is Kiran Rao, the acclaimed Indian film producer, screenwriter, and director, whose recent work in the movie Laapata Ladies has garnered widespread praise. As a guest on the brand new talk show The Rulebreaker Show, hosted by Shaili Chopra, founder of SheThePeople & Gytree, Rao delves deep into her personal experiences and ideologies, shedding light on her unique perspective on marriage and divorce.


Rao candidly discusses her views on marriage and the societal pressures imposed on women after tying the knot. She reflects on her unconventional journey, particularly in the context of her marriage to actor Aamir Khan, with whom she shares a son and continues to co-parent after their divorce. "I have always felt that marriage is an institution that is up for a rethink. Aamir (Khan) and I lived together for a year before getting married, and even then, we knew that it's a great institution if you can function as individuals as well as a couple within it."

Why Do Women Often Carry The Burden Of Marriage Alone? 

Rao challenges the traditional notions surrounding marriage, emphasising the need for individuals, particularly women, to find ways to be true to themselves within the confines of matrimony. She acknowledges the societal expectations placed on women, from managing household responsibilities to maintaining familial relationships, and calls for open discussion and debate on navigating these pressures.

"As women, there's so much responsibility placed on us within the institution of marriage," Rao explains. "We're expected to keep the family together, maintain relationships with in-laws, and juggle various roles and expectations. It's important to discuss how we can navigate these pressures while staying true to ourselves."

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Did Kiran Rao Fear Divorce?

When asked if she feared divorce, Rao responds with a resolute no, highlighting the strength of her relationship with Khan and their mutual respect and love for each other. She shares that their decision to divorce stemmed from a desire for personal growth and independence, rather than any conflict or disagreement between them.

"I took my sweet time about it, so I did not have any worries," Rao shares. "Aamir (Khan) and I were deeply connected, and we both understood the need for space and independence. We didn't fear divorce because we knew we could maintain friendship and mutual respect."

Through her candid insights and unwavering authenticity, Kiran Rao offers a refreshing perspective on marriage, divorce, and the pursuit of personal fulfilment. Rao emphasises that their divorce was not typical, nor was their marriage, highlighting the importance of rethinking the institution of marriage in contemporary society.

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