Kiran Rao Opens Up About Turbulent Free Marriage Post Divorce With Aamir Khan

Kiran Rao, the renowned filmmaker and former spouse of Bollywood actor Aamir Khan, has recently opened up about her personal and professional life in a candid interview with Pooja Talwar.

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Popular filmmaker and former wife of Bollywood actor Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao, recently opened up about her personal and professional life in a candid interview with Pooja Talwar. Discussing her upcoming comeback film Laapataa Ladies, set to release on March 1, Rao also shared insights into her life post-divorce from Khan and their amicable co-parenting dynamic.


In the interview, Rao emphasised the positive equation she shares with Aamir Khan, particularly in their co-parenting responsibilities for their son, Azad. Despite their divorce in 2021, the couple maintains a strong rapport, characterised by mutual respect and understanding. Rao expressed that while disagreements are inevitable, they have never escalated into major conflicts or "big fights."

Kiran Rao On Her Married Life With Aamir Khan

Here’s what she said,"Anyone who is married will tell you marriage has its challenges. And certainly, I have had my share of fights, and we have dealt with things. But actually, Aamir and I have never really fought, it is very strange. We have our disagreements, but we never have big fights."

Reflecting on their relationship, Rao highlighted the foundation of respect and understanding that underpins their interactions. She noted that both she and Aamir approach disagreements with open minds, striving to find common ground rather than engaging in confrontations. She said, "We understand each other quite well, it is just a case of finding the right argument to convince the other person or to be convinced. Our relationship is like that, and we are both not too proud to agree (with each other). And that is one of the advantages of having been in this marriage. We never saw any turbulence of the kind that a lot of people go through. We have had our share of ups and downs, but never anything that I could term even vaguely antagonistic."

Addressing the dynamics of their marriage, Rao acknowledged that while they have encountered ups and downs, their relationship has been devoid of any antagonism or hostility. She credited their ability to communicate effectively and resolve differences respectfully as a key factor in maintaining harmony throughout their marriage.


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