College Survival Guide For Every Fresher Out There 

Perhaps the most underrated tip in college is to take notes while attending classes. It is important you take notes regularly while attending classes.

Shivangi Mukherjee
Mar 15, 2023 13:39 IST
College Survival Guide
First-time at college can be daunting. Not everyone has an older accomplice that guides them. This college survival guide might relieve some of your worries there. If you're a fresher who's minted fresh out of school for college life, then this guide could be the older accomplice you're looking for. 

Your Handy College Survival Guide

Prep Your Clothes 

Pulling out crushed clothes at the last moment before stepping out for college is not your best option. Looking presentable in a room full of people and your professor is important. Prep your clothes a day ahead in advance. Plan the outfit you wish to wear for the next day that you'll be attending college. Iron the outfit and leave them on a hanger ready for you to wear the next day. This saves you from last-minute planning. 


Eat Right 

Eating right does not mean never being able to have junk food or eating out with your friends. Eating right is important for you to be able to sustain yourself. Nutrition is important for you to remain healthy and focused. Good food gives you good energy and gut health. Therefore, it is important to watch what you put inside of yourself because it reflects on your body. Consider carrying your tiffin to college. Eating outside every day is not a healthy choice for your body. 

Choose your circle wisely 


It is important to surround yourself with good company. People learn from those that are around them. A good company will have a positive influence on you. Therefore, it is important to assess the company before deeming a batchmate a friend. Be intentional about labelling someone as a 'friend'. Acquaintances, batchmates, and co-workers are not necessarily your friends. Try to remain on cordial terms with people around you and be selective about who you sit with. 

Set your focus straight 

You'll not hear many college go-ers say this, but it is important to study. Set your focus straight and spend time with what's being taught in class. This is because if you plan on landing a job based on your college major, you need to be familiar with your subject. The more familiar you are with your subject, the better you perform there and your chances of landing a job seem brighter. Even if you do not intend to land a job surrounding the subject you're studying, still put in the work to study. You have paid for the course. Therefore, you might as well utilise what you're paying for. Education stays with you and always finds a use somewhere. 


Take Notes 

Perhaps the most underrated tip in college is to take notes while attending classes. It is important you take notes regularly while attending classes. This minimises your chances of being dependent on your batchmates in college. It also helps you learn what you hear in class. Writing is the best way to memorise what is being taught. The next time you recall from memory, you will remember the writings in your notes and will be able to write/explain better.

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