A Photographer’s View On Capturing Indian Wedding Kaleidoscope

Over the years, women in the photography industry have seen more acceptance thanks to the progress we’ve made with awareness of gender equality. This has slowly but steadily provided a gateway of opportunities and acceptance.

Megha Bhatia
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Megha Bhatia

An Indian wedding is a collection of vibrant customs and mesmerising cultural nuances. Each wedding tells the story of the couple, with traditions binding them for life. Looking back at wedding photographs, each frame tells a tale, a symphony of colours, rituals, and events that come together to form an unforgettable kaleidoscope of memories.

In this intricate montage of events, a photographer’s point of view becomes the bridge between the emotions and the experiences of the day. Each click of the camera captures more than just actions, or people posing in a straight line together or even the beautiful decor boasting its colours. It is a collection of moments in time filled with love, tradition, emotion and true celebrations. The photos become a portal to the past, of feelings that make the wedding day spectacular, which is why capturing the moment is crucial for every aspiring wedding photographer.

Capturing the Indian Wedding Feel

In this wedding kaleidoscope, the camera captures all the details of the Varmala, the Phera’s and the Bidaai. but it's the photographer that captures between the lines of the special day. As a photographer, capturing these rituals with authenticity comes with practising respect for the culture and its various symbolism. 

The most satisfying moment of any wedding photography though, is preempting the couple’s myriad emotions. The camera captures the intricately designed Henna on the bride's hands, her shining jewellery, and her excited expressions. The groom's preparation also gets a fair share of attention, showcasing his traditional outfit and the anticipation in his face. At the centre of all the action, is the wedding photographer who captures the stolen glances, laughter, and heartfelt embraces. 

The moments we capture hold significance beyond just the couple; they resonate with the entire family. Photography, in its essence, has the power to intertwine lives. What starts as a professional connection with clients eventually transforms into a familial bond. We become part of their homes, sharing in their joy for years on end.

Now, coming to women in the photography profession. Over the years, women in the industry have seen more acceptance thanks to the progress we’ve made with awareness of gender equality. This has slowly but steadily provided a gateway of opportunities and acceptance. We are now better recognised for our talents. Today clients too have expanded their horizons and seek diverse perspectives as opposed to a traditional photoshoot. They are willing to explore boundaries and concepts that would not be heard of otherwise. But we still have a long way to go.


The joy of our work extends far beyond photographs; it's the heartwarming feeling of clients turned friends. It's an incredible privilege when clients refer us to their loved ones. Their warm greetings and genuine respect remind us that our job isn't just about images; it's about crafting lasting memories. In a world of industries, photography uniquely allows us to be a part of people's lives and evoke genuine love. It's these connections and the rarity of creating cherished memories that truly make our work special.

Authored by Megha Bhatia, Co-founder, Israni Photography and Films. 

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