'Do Girls Initiate For First Kiss?' Women Answer Men's Query

While some may anticipate a kiss if a date goes well, others may prefer to take things slowly and let the moment unfold naturally. Communication and mutual consent play pivotal roles in navigating such scenarios.

Priya Prakash
Sep 02, 2023 11:17 IST
Image credits: Vecteezy
Have you ever experienced that irresistible urge to lean in for a kiss while on a date or with someone you're genuinely fond of? The chemistry is electric, the connection palpable, but there's a moment of hesitation. It's that split second when you wonder, "Should I? Can I?" In these situations, what truly matters is something quite simple yet incredibly important, yet basic: consent. It's not just about whether you can kiss someone or not; it's about whether the other person wants to be kissed too.

Now imagine a situation where you're with someone and have established a strong foundation of respect and understanding based on consent. You begin to notice that the person you're seeing is dropping clear hints and showing genuine interest in you. In this morally sound scenario, the question arises: should you take the first step, guided by these hints, or should you patiently wait for a verbal acknowledgment of their feelings?

This situation can occur to both men and women. However, on a Reddit thread, men had the opportunity to pose these questions they've been curious about regarding such situations. 

Men of Reddit, what are some questions you’ve always wanted to ask women, but couldn’t because it would seem weird?

by u/SlenderBacon449 in AskReddit

This inquiry included one pressing question: "Do girls expect to be kissed?" They shared their personal experiences of going on dates with women who were dropping clear hints of interest, yet they felt apprehensive about taking the initiative due to concerns about misinterpreting signals or not knowing what she truly desired. It seemed to be a genuine exploration of navigating romantic interactions while respecting boundaries and seeking clarity in morally upright ways.

The question of whether women expect to be kissed is one that highlights the complexity of romantic interactions. While some may anticipate a kiss if a date goes well, others may prefer to take things slowly and let the moment unfold naturally. Communication and mutual consent play pivotal roles in navigating such scenarios. Each person has their own comfort level and desires when it comes to physical intimacy. What's truly commendable is when individuals, regardless of gender, prioritise open communication and respect for boundaries.


Remember that individuals have diverse preferences and comfort levels when it comes to physical intimacy. What may be expected or comfortable for one person may not be the same for another. This can be seen one of the response to one more user's query, "Do women expect a kiss on the first date?", a female user provided her perspective, stating, "In the majority of cases, yes, if the date went well. While some women may declare that they never kiss on the first date, it's often a way to gently reject those they're not interested in."

Continuing in a similar vein, another gentleman inquired, "Ladies, after how many dates do you kiss a guy? In response, a woman user shared, I don't set a specific time frame, and I'm open to making the first move when the moment feels right. Meanwhile, another user expressed, "The timing depends on the chemistry and connection developed during the dates. Trying to assign a specific number to it seems rather silly." Lastly, a third user offered their perspective, stating, "If the date goes well, I don't see any reason why a kiss couldn't happen after the first one."

From the responses, it seems clear that there are no strict rules or specific timeframes for when a kiss should happen. It's a highly personal decision, influenced by individual comfort levels and the unique chemistry between two people.


Being open to making the first move or allowing the moment to unfold naturally demonstrates flexibility and adaptability in dating. Clear and honest communication about desires and boundaries is key to navigating these situations respectfully.

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