Is It Bad To Rethink Before Committing, Then Why Does Rebound Get Flak

A rebound relationship does sound complicated and for some people, it can be problematic too. For many, it can simply be a distraction, however as tedious as it might be, these can be a helpful part of the healing process

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A rebound relationship does sound complicated and for some people, it can be somewhat problematic too. For many, it can simply be a distraction, however as tedious it might be, these arrangements can surely be a helpful part of the healing process after the end of a difficult relationship.


This reflects the way our modern dating culture tends to label and categorise various aspects of romantic relationships. Moreover, we tend to relate to these labels more when we observe them in the experiences of others, whether it's our friends or celebrities.

As per Micaela Stein, a licensed clinical social worker, a rebound relationship can be described as a connection formed as a reaction to a prior relationship, wherein one or both partners are still grappling with emotional baggage from their previous breakup. 

In simpler terms, starting a new relationship can be exciting, but if someone has recently gone through a breakup and hasn't fully moved on from their ex, it could likely be a rebound relationship.

Why Does It Happen?

A relationship involves a complex web of responsibilities, ranging from emotional and physical to financial commitments. And that's why breakups can be a painful experience. The anguish not only stems from separation from someone with whom you've formed a deep bond but from the voids in your life too—spaces that were once filled by the presence of your partner. This might explain why, when people come across a person or a source that helps them feel the same fond bond they have been missing or fill those emotional gaps, they are drawn to it.

However, following a difficult breakup, many people may be hesitant to commit to a serious relationship again, maybe out of fear of the potential pain and loss that could come with it. Still, they yearn for love, support, care, and emotional fulfilment.


How It Impacts?

The experience of a breakup can leave one feeling lonely, confused, and insecure. It can change a person, and the baggage attached to this experience seeks validation, companionship, and distraction. They may seek these things from a new person or through a new relationship. Oftentimes, in their quest to meet these needs, they may not immediately consider the impact this behaviour can have on the other person involved, whether in the short or long term.

This may lead to a confusing situation for the second person because the one they believe they are dating may not be their true self; instead, it's the baggage they are carrying. You may find yourself shouldering this baggage because of your fondness for them and your desire to help them lighten the load. 

Indeed, we all carry our own baggage and unresolved pain from past relationships. However, individuals rebounding from a breakup may take more time to be on the same page as the other person in a new relationship. If you value having a partner who is on the same page as you, this situation can make the relationship feel quite unpredictable.

The Other Side Of The Coin

If you consciously choose to get involved with someone on the rebound, it's essential to protect yourself by setting clear boundaries. Don't assume that the other person can immediately form a deep, long-lasting connection, be consistently available for you, or commit to a lasting relationship shared Dr. Jenn Mann, a licensed marriage and family therapist.


According to Dr. Jenn Mann via Instyle, not all rebound relationships are inherently negative. If you're in a phase of life where you prefer to avoid commitments, obligations, or a long-term relationship, dating someone on the rebound could be a suitable arrangement for you.

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