Wives Encourage Russian Soldiers To Rape, Says Ukraine's First Lady

Olena Zelenska on Russian troops raping, said that they are open about being cruel and violent to the Ukrainians. Also claims that their wives have encouraged it.

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Zelenska on russian troops raping
Olena Zelenska, 44, spoke at an international conference to address sexual violence during conflicts in London. Reportedly Zelenska said that rape is one of the weapons used by Russian soldiers which is encouraged by their own wives.

The Russian forces invaded the country of Ukraine this year in February and since then have killed over 40 thousand people and destroyed the country in more ways than one. The president of the country Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his wife Olena Zelenska have been in the news ever since. They were recently criticized for posing for a magazine shoot in the war zones which people felt that war was being romanticized for their own aesthetic requirements.

Olena Zelenska On Sexual Violence

At the conference, Zelenska while speaking about the sexual violence happening in the country due to the ongoing war said that the Russian troops use rape as a tool for violence. According to reports, she said, "This is another instrument that they (Russian forces) are using as their weaponry. This is another weapon in their arsenal in this war and conflict. That's why they're using this systematically and openly." Zelenska opined about sexual violence by saying, "Sexual violence is the most cruel, most animalistic way to prove mastership over someone. And for victims of this kind of violence, it is difficult to testify in war times because nobody feels safe."

Reportedly, Zelenska further claimed that just like any other war crime, rape should also be considered one and every perpetrator deserves punishment for it.

Zelenska On Russian Troops Raping Ukrainian Women

Zelenska while speaking about the aggression of the Russian troops said that they are open about being cruel and violent to the Ukrainians. According to her, they managed to capture some of the conversations of the troops with their families regarding the same. And she claims that the wives of the Russian troops have no problem with them raping Ukrainian women. As per reports, Zelensky said, "In fact, the wives of Russian servicemen encourage this, they say, 'Go on, rape those Ukrainian women, just don't share this with me, just don't tell me'".


Zelenska asked for a global response to this ongoing crime happening in Ukraine.

According to the reports, an international lawyer who is currently investigating the war crime occurring in Ukraine claimed to have evidence against the Russian commanders who apparently not only knows about their subordinates involved in such heinous crimes but also encouraged or ordered them to do it.

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