Ukraine's First Lady Olena Zelenska Details Out Effects Of War On The Family

This is the second time that the couple--Olena Zelenska and Volodymyr Zelensky--has appeared for an interview together.

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Olena Zelenska interview on how war has interrupted and induced anxiety in her life has given a peek at their lives during this tough time. The first lady of Ukraine and wife of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in a rare interview recounts the "anxiety and stupor" she felt on February 24 and her life ever since the war begin.

After Russia, led by Vladimir Putin began, the lives of thousands of Ukrainians were affected as they either fled home to their neighbouring countries or got separated and decided to fight the war against Russians. Reports on families getting separated at the border area and mourning the death of fellow Ukrainians echoed the disastrous causes of war.

In a recent interview, Olena talks about her and the family's experience. This is the second time that the couple has appeared for an interview together. Olena is otherwise active on social media. From where she has been sharing news on the war and updates about the number of women fighting it.

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Olena Zelenska Interview


"Our family was torn apart, as every other Ukrainian family (due to the war)," said Olena. Then the interviewer asked her if the war took away her husband from her, to which she said, "Nobody takes my husband away from me, not even the war. But yes, he lives for his job, we (the family) almost don't get to see him. We didn't see him at all for two and a half months."

She added that they spoke on phone and met each other only on a few occasions. "And I am also very thankful for this occasion, because (this interview) makes us spend time together," she added.

Remembering what she felt on February 24, Olena said, "I remember that I woke up from weird sounds from outside, as probably everyone did. It was dark, almost night, and I saw that Volodymyr was not by my side. I went to the next room, he was already dressed in a suit, but without a tie."

She asked him what was going on and she remembers that he replied, "It has started." Olena said in the interview that she cannot describe the emotions..." anxiety, stupor. He told me this and left." She also said that after that day they were unable to see each other for the longest time.

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