YouTuber Lilly Singh Educates Young Indians About Anti-violence Helpline

Nimisha Bansal
May 26, 2018 07:13 IST
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YouTube star Lilly Singh aka Superwoman is trying to educate young people and children from India about a 24x7 helpline which can help end violence. The Indo- Canadian YouTuber is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. She is the first digital personality to have been chosen by UNICEF as the Goodwill Ambassador. This awareness campaign is her first stint at trying to make a difference in the world post the UNICEF nomination.


Her video titled "Will you Help me End Violence?" is an appeal to her viewers to spread the word about the helpline.

In the video she posted on her YouTube channel, she notes that a lot of people are still unaware of this helpline that could help save a life.

The helpline number,1098, can be dialed at any hour free of cost. It is specifically meant to protect children who might be facing any abuse, assault or violence. Anybody can call this helpline to report a case of violence against children. The identity of the caller shall remain confidential.

Launches an awareness ad

In her video, Lilly Singh recognised that a lot of Indians, even from financially low backgrounds, are active YouTube users. Thus, she has created a public service advertisement which entails all necessary details about the helpline.

This advertisement is in English however, its subtitles would be available in all major Indian languages. Lilly Singh believes that if YouTube has such a big reach, she may even use it to make people aware of ways to help themselves.

Encourages Ideas


Lilly has also encouraged her viewers to come up with ideas related to issues that affect the world. She is aiming to use her digital reach to further implement her responsibilities as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

In India, currently, millions of children are exploited sexually as well as mentally. A lot of these cases go unreported due to lack of resources and knowledge. Child trafficking and child labour are also major problems that affect India's young population. In such a situation, the helpline comes as a strong initiative by policymakers which, if implemented properly, can bring effective change.


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