Lilly Singh’s Video Gives Racists A Geography Lesson

Lilly Singh bisexual

Youtube star, Lilly Singh aka Superwoman, tackles sexism and racism in a new Youtube video titled, A Geography Class for Racist People. She was inspired to make the video after someone left a racist comment on one of her videos.

“Go bak to ur country, you terrorist paki afghan indian muslim slut #MakeAmericGreatAgain,” said the comment.

The video starts with Lilly explaining that “whenever something horrible happens in the world, you’ll see the rise of two different kinds of people. Number 1, people who don’t let fear divide them and instead choose to come together. Number 2, racist idiots who don’t deserve an internet connection”.

She says if you are going to be racist, at least do it right, before starting her ‘geography class’. She challenges the stereotypes that Muslims have to face.

“Although there are approximately 175 million Muslims in India, there are approximately 2 billion in the whole world. Which means if every Muslim was a terrorist, you wouldn’t stand a goddamn chance,” she said. “Good thing they’re not.”

Singh’s video obviously got trolled, but she isn’t fazed at all.

“That’s okay! I’d rather get hate for standing up against racism and ignorance, then acceptance from racist people,” she tweeted.

Watch the video here:

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Picture Credit: Malaysianmail