Yasmine Massri Takes Priyanka Chopra’s Side On Her Silence Over Israel-Palestine Conflict

Yasmine Al Massri defends Priyanka Chopra
Yasmine Al Massri Defends Priyanka Chopra: Quantico star and Chopra’s friend Massri defended Chopra when netizens called out on her for her silence on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

India is battling the second wave of the deadly COVID-19 virus and the country is overwhelmed by the huge pressure on the health system. Amidst the global crisis, reportedly, at least 53 Palestinian casualties and six Israeli victims have been reported since the inception of the conflicts in Israel following the Gaza-based militants firing hundreds of rockets on Israel since May 10.

Yasmine Al Massri defends Priyanka Chopra

Celebrities such as Mark Ruffalo, Gigi Hadid, Gal Gadot have taken to their respective social media accounts to express their opinions on the Israel tragic crisis.

However, Chopra being the ambassador of UNICEF and UN Goodwill hasn’t made any comment on the same. A Twitter user did not like her silence on the conflict and asked Massri about her Quantico co-star’s silence on the matter.

The user called out the Bollywood as well as Hollywood star because of her decision to remain silent on the Israeli disputes. The tweet read, “why is your friend the UN Goodwill Ambassador Quite about this all, I have supported and have been her biggest fan and watching her movies in the cinemas, Until now.”

However, Massri defended Chopra by justifying her silence. She explained that Chopra has bigger priorities for her at the moment that include her country’s COVID-19 crisis state. She said that currently, Chopra is helping her own country.

Massri tweeted, “Baby almost 2 billion people in India are struggling with the deadliest event ever right now the pandemic! my friend is working to help her country.. isn’t this enough proof of being a good human being? Friendship is not a transaction.”

Many of Chopra’s fans showed their support for her in the comment section of Massri’s tweet. One of the comments read, “I know she has been trying to help the crisis in India, I am not an Indian but I feel sad for what’s going on. ”

Another user mentioned the fact of how netizens expect celebrities to have an opinion and answer to every kind of controversies. The reply tweet read, “exactly they wanna hear her words on everything as if she (Chopra) is the world president or something.”