Women Sleep Less After Having Kids: Study

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Besides the infamous Gender Pay Gap and the Leisure Gap present between men and women, there is another gap that deteriorates the quality of a woman’s life. According to a recent research by Kelly Sullivan, an assistant professor of epidemiology at Georgia Southern University, less than half of women who have children in the house get enough sleep, while men report that their sleep isn’t affected by having kids in the house.

The study further says that there are a number of factors behind this disparity. One of the major reasons that affects the sleeping pattern of a woman is the number of kids in the house. Each kid increased a woman’s risk of getting insufficient sleep by 46 per cent. This, however, didn’t affect the quality and quantity of sleep that their male counterparts enjoyed.

The study clearly states that people who sleep less than six hours at night drain themselves more. As expected, more women than men fall into this bracket.

This study, once again, raises questions on how and why parenthood affects women more than men.

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SheThePeople.Tv spoke to some mothers to know their sleeping patterns and whether it has something to do with their kids.

Asha Singh, a Foreign Language student based in Delhi, shares that her quality of sleep has been negatively impacted following the birth of her second child.

“I hardly get any time to sleep. There is just so much to do. Running errands, helping them complete their homework, spending quality time with them..and the list goes on. I don’t even remember the last time I slept for a good 8 hours. My kids have imbibed this habit of waking up early even on weekends. So, no sleep for me on Sundays as well.”

Anupama Singh, a working mother of two grown up kids, says:

“Mothers, unlike fathers, are more in charge of the overall development of their children. I worry about the minutest of stuff related to my children and this disrupts my sleeping cycle. But I can’t help it. They mean everything to me and sacrificing a few hours of sleep is justified.”

I feel it is time for both men and women to understand that parenting is a collective responsibility and burdening one person with all the responsibilities is not a wise idea. Getting adequate sleep is directly linked to the overall well-being of a person.

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Charvi Is An Intern With SheThePeople.TV