Know How These Women Entrepreneurs Utilise Their Mornings

How entrepreneurs utilise their mornings
Do you know what the most productive people do on a daily basis? They kick-start their day very effectively which means a major portion of their work is completed in the early hours of the day.
Women entrepreneurs, for instance, have a lot on their plate. They often end up handling multiple tasks in the initial stages of setting up a venture. How do these women utilise their mornings? Are there some rituals they follow before kick-starting their day?

By doing Yoga

Jyotsna Atre, Founder of Kids’ Edition burns the candle at both ends.

 “I am an owl. I work the best in the dead of the night. Yet like any other mom, my mornings start at 5.45 am every day, to wake up my school-going son.”

 After sending her kid to school, she drinks 2 glasses of warm water with a squeeze of lemon and heads to a quiet corner of the house to practice yoga for the next 30 minutes.

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 “Yoga is my go-to mantra when I need to recenter. The fluid transitions from one asana to another relaxes my mind and quieten the chaotic thoughts. Almost always, I emerge feeling energized and focussed. A cup of coffee, an egg and toast, and I am ready to face the world.”

 She also makes it a point not to answer the email before she is done with these two routines.

 “As a cyber safety advocate, I can tell you that being connected 24×7 can impact our minds and bodies negatively. I make a conscious effort to disengage from the mobile by setting up time slots during the day… and my mornings are sacrosanct.”, she adds.

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Dividing mornings into essentials and non-essentials

Simran Oberoi Multani, Founder at Overderful tells us that she always starts by planning her day based on two categories – essentials and non-essentials and these apply to her venture as well as home and children.

She further substantiated by saying that updating her new products on the website is essential whereas grocery shopping can be done online or next day and is non-essential. “Essentials are mine to do, the non-essentials need effective delegation”, she sums up.

Utilising the first thirty minutes effectively

Saumyaa Vardhan, Founder of Shubhpuja.com says that the first half an hour of the day is very crucial for her. “I kickstart my morning by having a cup of tea and simultaneously following up with the emails, news and other activities in that half an hour. During this time, one of the most important tasks that I do before I officially start work is to drop in a text or email or WhatsApp to the person or vendor who needs to provide me with the deliverables during the day. This helps to send them a reminder as once they reach office they can attend to it.”

Following the essentials of a good morning

Priyanka Amar, Founder of iKheti says, “I believe that a good laugh and a good night sleep are the best cures for anything. I ensure to have minimum 7-8 hours of sleep as it helps to be fresh, helps to concentrate and work energetically through the rest of the day. I also make it a point that my family has breakfast together as family bonding time is very important.”

How do you utilise your mornings to enhance your productivity? Share with us.