Young girls across the country are astounding everyone with either their intellect or flexibility. For instance, 10-year-old Harsha Nivetha has entered the Guinness Book of World Records after she performed a yoga posture for 174 seconds. Hailing from the Virudhunagar district of Tamil Nadu, the child prodigy performed the Utthitha Padmasana posture for 174 seconds at  P.S. Chidambara Nadar Senior English School here on Friday.

She expressed her elation on entering the Guiness records.

“I have been performing yoga from the age of five and though this posture is not difficult, holding it for a longer time is,” – Harsha Nivetha

She has won accolades in district, state and national levels.

She attempted the record in the presence of the Malaysia director of the International Yoga Federation of Asia, G Radhakrishnan, two government doctors and other officials.

Radhakrishnan later told mediapersons that Nivetha had broken the previous record achieved by an American.

This year, a number of young girls broke records in Yoga. For instance, a 13-year-old Mysuru girl Khushi set a world record of performing Niraalamba Poorna Chakrasana 15 times in a minute, which made it a world record.

Another girl, Tanushree Pitrody created a record this year at Lions Bhavan, Uduipi. Her record in the category of ‘One minute miracle’ by doing ‘Niralamba Poorna Chakrasana’ 19 times was acknowledged by the Golden Book of World Records.

These young girls are proving that age is just a number and they are quite ahead of their time.  More power to each one of these yoga prodigies!

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