3 Women Entrepreneurs Tell Us Why Children Must Travel

travelling for children
The desire to break from one’s monotonous routine and travel is innate to human beings. And why not? Who doesn’t like to go to new places, breathe fresh air, experience nature and feel rejuvenated? Given the countless benefits it offers to adults, imagine the world of good it can do for tiny tots who are still making sense of themselves and their surroundings.
SheThePeople.Tv spoke to some women entrepreneurs in the travel space to know how children benefit from their travelling escapades.

Travel is a growth experience for children – Sakshi Shrivastava Bhattacharyya

Sakshi Shrivastava Bhattacharyya, whose venture Spirit of Trekkers organises adventure camps for children in Himalayas, opines that travel is a growth experience. It provides children with unique developmental, cultural and varied educational benefits that cannot be reproduced within a classroom’s four walls.
“A safe and carefully planned travel choice can make children want to go back to this constantly evolving wonderland with myriad possibilities again and again,” she tells SheThePeople.Tv.

Offers invaluable knowledge to children – Prachi Kagzi

Little passports’ trip with children.

Prachi Kagzi recalls how her son gained some invaluable knowledge and learning through his travel experiences with the family. This made her realize the plethora of advantages that travel offers to children.. 

“My son has picked up so many concepts without explaining and recalls complex animal names from our travels. These were not taught to him at school or through textbooks, but have been embedded in his memory due to his own experiences”, she says.

 This propelled her to start her own venture, “Little Passports”, with the aim to organise trips for children.

“Travelling makes children social, adaptive, self-reliant and the list goes on and on,” she says when asked about the positive impact travel leaves on children.

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Makes them realise that they aren’t centre of the universe- Shibani Vig

wonderful World

Wonderful World’s trip with children

Shibani Vig, Founder of Wonderful World, feels that the best thing parents can do for their child is to get them to start travelling young.

She shares with SheThePeople.Tv that her son was only 8 months old when she started travelling with him.

“From smearing sticky rice on Vietnamese tables to learning to communicate without a common language with Iranian children — his four years have been rich with experiences. And he can sleep anywhere and eat anything! It makes them realise that there is a world out there and its centre is not them. As in our daily lives, they are the centre of the universe, so this is a rude but important shock.”
Picture Credit: Trip Central