Prachi Kagzi’s Venture Exposes Little Ones To The World Of Travel

Prachi Kagzi

A lot of us dream to visit exotic places to add the required spark and zing in our lives.  And why not? Travelling works wonders in rejuvenating and making you feel blessed. Prachi Kagzi, however, feels that travelling is equally important for children as it is for adults.

“Travelling makes children social, adaptive, self-reliant and the list goes on and on”, she says when asked about the positive impact travel leaves on children.

Prachi’s Penchant for Travelling

She also credits her venture to the incredible childhood travelling escapades which drove her to broaden her mind about culture, local food and exotic destinations.” I was thoroughly immersed in the parallel universe of travel”, she remarks.

Her love for travel continued unabated even after she got married. “I was lucky enough to have found a husband who shared my travel exuberance. In him I met someone who had an even more eccentric travel map and wilder ‘places to go ‘ list. Together, we took the road less travelled and experienced many unique destinations right from mysterious Iceland to high-tech Taiwan”, she shares.

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 Inception of Little Passports

She started considering the idea of starting something in the child travel space after the birth of her son and that’s when she founded “Little Passports”.

Mothers and kids bonding during a trip

“We took our son for his first overseas trip to China. Many thought I was an out-of-the-box mom, but after listening to our delightful encounters, a lot of them were keen to go!”, she says talking about the commencement of her journey.

The ‘eureka’ moment to set up “Little Passports” came on one of my travels to the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia. While chatting up a local, I realized how kids are the largest benefactors of travel.

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 She saw her son gain some invaluable knowledge and learning through his travel experiences alone. This made her realize the world of good travel that travel can do for children.

“My son has picked up so many concepts without explaining and recalls complex animal names from our travels. These were not taught to him at school or through textbooks, but have been embedded in his memory due to his own experiences”, she says.

 Travelling with Children – Experiences and Lessons

Travelling with children can be a Herculean task, but for Prachi, the problems she grapples with are delayed flights or roadblocks.

 little passports
One of the trips organised by Little Passports

A lot of attention, she admits, goes into designing tours for kids to ensure that they meet the needs of all the kids.

“Travelling makes children social, adaptive, self-reliant and the list goes on and on”.

“I understand the importance of age-appropriate attractions and energy levels of kids. Therefore, I have devised itineraries accordingly”, she says. Further, she adds that selecting an appropriate destination also involves a lot of factors like less-visited by kids, the number of educational attractions, weather conditions, availability of child-friendly food and safety standards for activities.

Managing work-life Balance

She confesses that being her own boss helps. Moreover, technology plays a pivotal role in helping her run her venture. “My phone itself is an office-on-the-go! Above all, the key for me is to not feel guilty about being a working mom, and I come back to my son with a renewed sense of spirit after a fulfilling day at work”, she elaborates.

 Networking with moms

Prachi believes that the digital age is filling the void that had been there for moms. Her venture gives moms and their kids the right space and time to bond with each other.

Future Plans

“We plan to grow pan-India into a bigger format where we have multiple trips during all school holidays, region wise.”

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