Why More Women Today Are Demanding Pockets

women demanding pockets

Phones in hand, a large tote bag dangling from the shoulder and empty pockets at the back of our jeans, don’t quite provide us with a logical discourse. Studies have shown that people are keeping their phones in hand even when they aren’t using it and the numbers tilt more towards women phone users. Why so? Pockets! Women are demanding pockets.

A little peek into the history of pockets

The concept of making pockets started around 17th century. Large pockets, termed as pouches were made which could be attached externally or internally to skirts. Number of things to keep inside our pockets increased at time of the industrial revolution. During World War II, when men were fighting war, women started working. This introduced trousers for women with deep pockets. However, this comfort was short lived. The ‘feminine’ factor made the fashion industry go crazy with slim fit jeans and pencil skirts and boasted about an ideal figure of a woman. To compensate all sorts of bags were introduced. A bag now symbolizes a working woman, while restricting them by burdening their one hand.

The sexist take on pockets

Men have always been blessed with numerous deep pockets in their clothing. The reason being they work, they need to store cash, they have to keep house and car keys. Contrary to that, women were expected to do house chores and were apparently not responsible enough to take care of valuables. We find historic examples of women challenging this ‘pockets’ bias like Coco Channel in 1920s introduced pockets in jackets.The gender divide can be witnessed in clothes manufactured for preschoolers. A recent tweet by a mom on how her daughter won’t buy shorts without pockets generated support from all around the world.

The need for a genuine pocket

Prachita Ved, a 19-year-old fashion student, says: “Pockets give me a sense of security and then in winters it’s like a comfort zone for hands.”

Comfort, necessity and utility have to make their way to the fashion industry. With the increasing size of our phones, we need genuine pockets that have capacity to store our necessities

Amanda, a 23-year-old fashion school graduate, says, “I am always confident with a pocket to keep my hands in. I tend to forget things a lot and hence knowing that whatever I keep in my pocket won’t get lost is my favourite feature.”

The handbag-pocket debate is a never ending one. But no one can deny the utility and accessibility of pockets. The ‘coolness’ associated with pockets is another advantage. With even pockets stitched in wedding dresses and all forms of our clothing, we are also echoing our voice for more equality. So let’s join in the pockets movement and demand our basic right from the fashion industry.

Picture Credit: KSG Fashion Collection

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Rachna Chandira is an intern with the SheThePeople.Tv