Wanderlust: Why Solo Travel Is A Must For Every Woman

Rachna Chandira
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Instagram posts of women travelling solo keep buzzing into my feed. Beautiful pictures and stories about travelling alone have always inspired the youth to take unexplored paths. A professor of mine had once said:


“Aloneness is different from loneliness. If out of your own will you choose to be alone, that’s aloneness”.

Aloneness gives you a space to judge your thoughts from the perspective of a third person. It offers a different level of relaxation and peace of mind from the mundane chores of our daily lives. This can be provided by a walk, a coffee date or trip with – Yourself.

20-year-old Rashi from Kamala Nehru College says, “Travelling solo is the best experience you can have. It frees me from my problems and offers an alternative universe where peace and beauty are the only things that reside.”

Perks of travelling solo!

Travelling solo has boosted confidence in young women. They go through a path of self-discovery, learn the art of making connections with strangers and also take full responsibility of themselves.

Furthermore, travelling solo is also the best option when others are too busy to accompany you. Pick a bag, choose a destination book a hotel and there you go! No more planning and coordination or walking a tour designed by others. There is this freedom of taking any turn you want, there is freedom to take rest or walk a mile more, just as you want.


Ishita, a 29-year-old working woman, says: “Solo travel helps me psychologically when I meet new people, see new places and connect with my own self. It helps me respect myself and my capabilities to make it through in any situation. It is empowering for me.”

Things to keep in mind before travelling solo

  • Keeping yourself equipped up with all important resources is the first one. Technology has proved to be an asset for travellers, especially solo travellers. Thus, using it to one’s advantage is a must.
  • Keeping a battery backup, downloading google maps before venturing to unknown non-network areas and sharing your location with known ones are little hacks to apply.
  • Learning about the locals and few handy words in local language also helps a great deal in difficult situations.
  • Packing your stuff according to the climate and also keeping it light to aid your journey is an important part before setting out. Likewise, being a little attentive and alert to your surroundings can make your travel risk-free, easy and enjoyable.
  • Finally, one must not forget the purpose of travelling solo. It is the best therapy to rid one of all worries. Hence, after keeping the above hacks in mind, give your brain a break and travel tension free.

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Accommodations to look at before travelling solo

There are numerous hostels for solo travellers like, Zostel, Hosteller, Madpackers, Vedanta, Gostops and more that offer beautiful location of stay, travel vibes and services at affordable cost. Home stays are also a option. They offer a mix of local culture along with being well situated.


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A gust of wind, the gurgling sound of river, endless forest tracks, a bird's call, a scenic balcony view when you wake up in the morning and an unbounded, unrestricted mind -- that’s what travelling solo is made of. So grab your bag, tighten your shoe lace and make that first step to experience the freedom like you have never before.

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Rachna Chandira is an intern with SheThePeople.Tv

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