After success in Thrissur, Kerala, COVID-19 bike-patrolling units of women officers will soon be deployed across the state, state director general of police Loknath Behera said. This initiative has been taken to plug the coronavirus outbreak. The state will be deploying women cops to “guard the quarantine centres, enforcing lockdown restrictions and punishing the violators of social distancing,” according to Hindustan Times. A special women’s bike squad has been formed to help implement the necessary precautions in the most effective way.

 40 women officers who have been trained in Thrissur. A tightened police surveillance was noticed with ten bullets on the road patrolling and carrying two persons each.

Behera also added that this step was taken after evaluating the success rate of women officers in the state who have been at the forefront of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic since the beginning.

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Daredevil riders have shown what women power is. They are in constant touch with people in quarantine and boost their confidence, at the same time they are tough with violators. They registered several cases in a few days. They handle the situation with care and compassion,” said the DGP. At first, the idea of women officers on bike, dedicated to ensuring the safety in Thrissur city, was just an experimental step but according to the DGP, it has made a huge impact in containing COVID-19.

What You Should Know

  • Initially, 40 women cops have been trained and deployed in Thrissur on bikes on COVID-19 surveillance duty.
  • The women officers are in charge of guarding quarantine centres and punishing the people who would violate the guidelines of social distancing.
  • Now the Kerala police is set to expand the patrolling by women in uniform in other cities as well.

Encouraged by its success, the DGP said, “the service will now be rolled out across the state and more such teams will be introduced in other districts also for COVID-19 management.”

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“They are doing a wonderful job. They are making frequent rounds to people in home quarantine and listen to their complaints and redress them. We have received good feedback,” said Thrissur police commissioner R Aadhithya, adding that the state is planning to increase the number.

“Daredevil riders have shown what women power is,” DGP Loknath Behera said

Earlier when the lockdown was imposed in March, the women officers were seen in colour-coded helmets, enforcing the rules, and also helping senior citizens, women and children. The team also visited migrant workers’ camps on the outskirts of the city.

Kerala boasts of the highest recovery (out of total 4752 cases 2638 recovered) rates in the country.

Feature Image Credit: Hindustan Times

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