Bengaluru Police To Guard City In Pink Cars With Women Cops

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Since International Women’s Day (on March 8) is almost here, the Bengaluru police is making no mistake this time in deploying women cops to guard the city’s women. As many as 50 new pink Hoysalas (mobile patrolling cars) have been dedicated to ensure the safety of women in the city. The initiative is kick-starting next month just before Women’s Day.

According to reports, there will be at least one woman cop in each of these 50 pink Hoysalas.

Bengaluru has been under the scanner since the horrifying mass molestation on New Year’s Eve. While Bengaluru police was severely criticized for being so negligent, it’s time that they learnt to be aware.

Police commissioner Praveen Sood told TOI that they have identified 50 spots in the city that need police deployment. “These 50 spots are spread across the city, including in the central business district, on roads connecting to CBD, outer ring roads and residential areas. We aim to provide security to women round the clock. Be it a techie walking home or a garment employee going to work, we want to ensure safety to all,” said Sood.

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Time to learn self-protection techniques and practice real time – Shantala Bhat, Bangalore

You wouldn’t believe that places like women’s hostels, paying guest accommodations, temples and educational institutions fall under the 50 spots, police sources confirmed.

According to police officials, the pink Hoysalas will guard these spots. “In case of an emergency, more women cops will be called,” sources said.

 The current state of affairs still makes us give out guidelines for women to stay safe, which we really want to see change in the years to come – Malini Gowrishankar, Bangalore

Besides the 50 pink Hoysalas, the number of police patrol vehicles has been increased from 220 to 270, of which 240 vans will have GPRS and internet facility with Google Maps to keep tabs in the surrounding the areas. The pink Hoysalas will also be equipped with gadgets.

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I personally feel that our law enforcement is not strong -Archana Singh, Bangalore

With this new initiative, we are hoping the Bengaluru police will do a good job in curbing crime against women in the city.

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Feature Image Credit: The Hindu

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