Karnataka Trains Women Cops to be Instructors in Self Defence

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The Karnataka State Reserve Police (KSRP) is training its women platoon in unarmed combat. The aim is to safeguard its cities and make it crime free for women. These cops will be instructors for self-defence (karate, judo) for young girls from schools and colleges across the state. The objective of the training is to enhance the security in the state as many cities are getting a bad name for lax in safety measures.

Women cops are receiving rigorous training in karate and judo, and expected to be combat-ready in a few months.

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These women begin training at 6.15 am with a morning run and warm-ups followed by the unarmed combat module. After completing the tough combat lessons, the group will be trained by the cops.

Additional Director General of Police (KSRP) Bhaskar Rao said to TOI, “The idea is not just to train them for their benefit, but to take them to an instructor-level. Once they are ready, they can be appointed by the women and child development department to train school and college girls in unarmed combat.”

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Pointing out that unlike regular police forces, KSRP personnel have more time, Rao said: “Our objective would be met even if 80 of the 120 turn out to be instructors”.

Due to the low ratio of women cops in the state, 120 constables were inducted in KSRP’s first woman battalion in 2017. The recruitment was accentuated while managing crowds during protests and riots.

Earlier last year, as many as 64 women were included in training to be commissioned in the Karnataka State Reserve Police (KSRP) 4th Battalion stationed in Bengaluru only. The batch was the first to be recruited for the job. After a nine-month training course that started in February, the women’s battalion in Bengaluru took to the roads. In August 2016, another first batch of 44 women, aged between 27, were taken and trained at the Kangrahalli battalion in Belgavi.

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