People Treat Me Better: Woman Spends Over $100,000 To Look Like ‘Barbie’

woman undergoes plastic surgery to look like Barbie
An Australian woman who spent over $100,000 to look like a “real-life Barbie princess” said the plastic surgery changed her life for the better.

Jazmyn Forrest was just 18 when she went under the knife for the first time for a breast augmentation. She got it done again last year while on holiday in Los Angeles.

Since then the now 25-year-old has had a multitude of cosmetic procedures to transform herself. But the Gold Coast resident is not done altering her looks and has a long list of “dream surgeries” she hopes to undergo in the future.

Australian woman undergoes plastic surgery to look like Barbie

In an interview Forrest claims that people treat her better now which also helps with her confidence, “I was a teenager when I first thought about having plastic surgery. I knew from then I had to invest in my body. With each surgery, I really do great treated better by both men and women, while my confidence also skyrockets. From dating to friends, people give you a chance when you are hot,” she said.

After breast augmentation, Forest also got lip fillers at the age of 18.  She has had filler in her cheeks, nasolabial folds, chin, jaw and temples, along with regular Botox injections.

She underwent Vaser liposuction to her stomach, arms, inner thighs, upper and lower back, chin and face, in addition to a second breast augmentation at the age of 24.

As per an Instagram post, Forest underwent more plastic surgery, this time a rhinoplasty and forehead reduction during her recent trip to Seoul, South Korea.

“I had wanted those procedures since I was a teen,” she told the news outlet.

“The rhinoplasty has made my nose smaller, more upturned with a less pronounced nose bridge, and the forehead reduction has made my forehead smaller,” she added.

Jazmyn believes she would not have been able to get ahead in life without changing her appearance and says people treat her far better now that she is “hot.”

Image credits: NDTV

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