UK Woman Skips Meals to Feed Her 6 Cats As Cost of Living Rises

Woman Skips Meals to Feed 6 Cats
A stay-at-home caregiver from North London, age 46, has been skipping meals to make sure her six cats are fed properly. The woman has looked after the cats since they were kittens and she finds it difficult to part with them.

Given the rising expense of living in the United Kingdom, a woman named Yasmen Kaptan, 46, of North London, has been skipping meals for a year to make sure that her six cats eat enough. She stated she can only afford one meal each week but still provides for her six cats.

UK Woman Skips Meals to Feed 6 Cats

Kaptan claimed that because she has had each of her pets since they were kittens, she is unable to bear to part with them. She spoke with Daily Mail and revealed that her cats are reaching the end of their lives and she had spent a lot of money on them.

Due to her osteoporosis, she receives a monthly disability benefit of 400 pounds, which she uses to pay her rent and other expenses. In addition, she receives a weekly payment of 69 pounds for taking care of her partner. Out of this, 60 pounds is used for the cats.

Kaptan stated, “My caregiver’s allowance is spent entirely on cat food, litter, cookies, and special milk. I hardly have enough money to cover my phone bill.”

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She drinks mint tea to ward off hunger at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Her one meal consists of salad, peppers, onions, and BBQ vegetables. After quitting her meals, she has shed nearly 31 kg. Kaptan said, “I have no choice but to keep my kitties; there is nothing I can do. They are my little babies, and I’ve had them for 17 years. They keep me going.”

After being diagnosed with osteoporosis, a medical condition that weakens bones and makes them frail and more likely to break, she was made to resign from her position in 2022.

“Every other day, I cry. I try to be happy with myself, but I’m depressed and tired. I often go entire weeks without eating anything and only consume liquids to stay alive,” “Kaptan continued.