Pauelette Jordan has won the Idaho Democratic primary with about 58% of the vote share. The list of native American governors in US history is short. If she wins the general elections, she’d become the first native American governor in US history. Also, she would be the first female governor in Idaho’s history.

While addressing a crowd of supporters on May 14 at a Boise Bar for her primary victory party, Jordan said, “We are all one. Like all of you, I am a Westerner. I was raised by Idaho.”

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Jordan is a member of the Coeur d’Alene tribe. She defeated moderate Democrat A.J. Balukoff in Tuesday’s primary elections. Serving two terms in the Idaho state legislature, she has successfully emerged as one of the state’s leading young liberal voices. The 38-year-old represents a young, fresh face for the state’s Democratic Party. While Balukoff, aged 72, represents a former school board member.

 “I come here on the vision and the prayer of our ancestors. They suffered and sacrificed for far too long for us to not see this win tonight. We have a better Idaho and we’ve seen that tonight,” Jordan said

Jordan, standing to compete for the elections, is primarily a huge step forward for the country. Since 1990, a Democrat hasn’t won in the state. However, she sets her name in the list of women who won in primary elections in the male-dominated society.

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Jordan’s policy agenda focuses on Medicaid expansion, raising the minimum wage, and increased teacher pay and instituting university preschools.

Political Career

Jordan’s political career began in 2008. At that time, she was the youngest person to win a seat on the tribal council.

She made her first bid for the Idaho legislature in 2012. However, she failed in her first attempt. She ran again in 2014 and has been winning the seat since then.

In 2016, Jordan was the only Democrat in northern Idaho to win a seat in a district Donald Trump won.

This primary wins brings up the chances of bringing change in an all-male congressional delegation.

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