Indian-American Aruna Miller To Run For US Congress

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Meet the Indian-American candidate, politician Aruna Miller, who is running for the US Congress from a Congressional seat in Maryland.

Miller, 53, has already signed the nomination papers. At present, she is a member of the Maryland House of Delegates. She was first elected in it in 2010.

“As an immigrant, I have been afforded incredible opportunities here. I want to pay it forward and make sure we keep the doors of opportunity open to all our citizens,” Miller said, TOI reported

Miller is filling up for the current Democratic incumbent to this Congressional District John Delaney. Delaney has passed on the candidacy this year, and is looking forward to run for 2020 Democratic party’s presidential primary.

Miller, who is endorsed by the Abortion Rights Group, has filed her Certificate of Candidacy for US Congress for the 6th Congressional district of Maryland.

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“Congress needs more experienced, progressive legislators at this critical time, if we are going to enact and keep policies that really serve the best interests of the people and our country,” claimed Miller

Miller is a civil engineer by education. She came to the US at 7 when her parents moved out of India. She was drawn to politics during The Bush vs Gore election in 2000, where the Supreme Court determined the future of the country, not the voters. She has 25 years of rich experience for Montgomery County. At the Maryland House of Delegates, Miller serves on the Appropriations Committee.

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“It was then I realised democracy needed me. Not as a bystander or to cast a vote when there’s an election — I needed to engage and empower others every day. I started to volunteer locally which brought me face to face with the needs and problems of others in the community,” she said.

The primary elections for Maryland’s 6th Congressional District is scheduled for June 26. Miller is in the race against four others including an Afghan- American Nadia Hashimi.

Miller’s nomination came as a good news for Indians as the current House of Representative has only one Indian-American women politicians, Pramila Jayapal from Washington State, who was elected for the first time in the 2016 general elections. Also, Senator Kamala Harris, who belongs to an Indian-African parental heritage, is the first Indian American Senator. She was elected in 2016.

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