Gwalior: Woman's Abduction Caught On CCTV At Petrol Pump

In Gwalior, MP, a woman faced a brazen abduction at a petrol pump by unidentified men on a bike. The CCTV footage, circulating on social media, highlights the disturbing surge in broad daylight criminal activities.

Oshi Saxena
Nov 20, 2023 18:14 IST
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Image Credits - @Therealtalkin

At a petrol pump in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, a woman became the victim of an alleged abduction by unidentified bike-borne miscreants. The incident, captured vividly on CCTV, has sent shockwaves through the community, with the footage rapidly circulating across various social media platforms.


The Disturbing Scene

The CCTV footage, now circulating fervently online, shows a man waiting on a motorcycle at the petrol pump. In a distressing turn of events, another individual forcefully compels the woman to sit on the bike. The daylight abduction, a brazen act in itself, raises concerns about the audacity of the perpetrators and the safety of public spaces.

The Viral Impact

The video, showcasing the audacious act, has swiftly gone viral, amplifying the urgency for authorities to address the situation. Social media platforms are abuzz with discussions, sharing, and condemnation of the incident. 


Identifying the Culprits

While one of the perpetrators is seen donning a helmet, concealing their identity, the other's face remains obscured by a cloth.  Authorities are now faced with the challenging task of revealing the identities of these bike-borne miscreants to bring them to justice.

Community Outcry

The incident has sparked a wave of concern and outrage within the local community and beyond. The brazenness of the act, occurring in broad daylight in a public space like a petrol pump, amplifies the vulnerability individuals may face in seemingly secure environments.

Law Enforcement Response

As the video gains traction and public outcry intensifies, the spotlight is now on law enforcement agencies to swiftly apprehend the culprits and ensure justice for the victim. The urgency of the situation demands a thorough investigation and transparent communication to reassure the public about their safety.


The daylight abduction at the Gwalior petrol pump serves as a stark wake-up call for heightened vigilance and reinforced security protocols. It urges the community, authorities, and law enforcement agencies to collaborate in ensuring the safety of public spaces

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