Woman Enjoys Juggling While Dancing With Hula Hoop; Netizens React

Koteswari Kannan won the hearts of netizens as she rocked her way in a saree juggling and dancing with the hula hoop.

Pavi Vyas
Sep 02, 2023 15:45 IST
Credits: Instagram

Instagrammed by koteswari_kannan_official

Women every day ace several activities that are stereotyped to be undoable while sporting a saree. Social media is a great medium to showcase that there's nothing women cannot do in a saree whether it skateboarding or kiteboarding in water. 

In recent news, a woman was seen enjoying and dancing away in a saree, and she was doing it with a hula hoop around her waist.

Woman Showcases Juggling Skills

A video was posted on Instagram by artist Koteswari M K in which she showed her talent and wowed us all. In the Instagram reel, she can be seen dancing to Shreya Ghoshal's song Sammohanuda from Rules Ranjann while juggling and dancing with hula hoop all together grooving to the song and not missing a single beat. 


The woman can be seen acing the act wearing a saree and rocking the expressions flawlessly. 

The video started with what appeared to be a terrace where the woman can be seen wearing a saree. The video shows her holding three colourful balls in her hands she soon starts juggling with.

She soon throws the balls away and against gravity brings back the rotating hula hoop from her knees up to her waist.


The short video clip was shared on Instagram reels on August 17 by the Instagram handle @koteswari_kannan_official and has 1.1 million views which is still growing while the video clip has more than 10.3k comments. 


The video has stunned Instagram users as one user commented "Marvelous mind-blowing talent madam... Big respect you deserve" Another user commented, "Don't judge a book by its cover." 

The woman marvelling in the saree is an empowering act in its own way that makes us all root for her. 

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