Maharashtra Woman Elopes With Third Man; Two Estranged Husbands Approach Cops

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Two men approached Maharashtra cops to help them find their estranged wife who had allegedly eloped with a third lover. Allegedly, the estranged wife eloped with the third lover after abandoning the first and second husband and running away.

Under the pretext of visiting her native place, the woman left the house of her ‘second’ husband and has become untraceable since then. The woman reportedly began communicating with the third paramour through social media.

Wife Elopes With Third Man

According to the Bharosa cell police officers, the woman and the first husband had a love marriage and have two children together. After four years of marriage, the woman became friends with her future second husband and they tied the knot at a temple two years ago. The two began speaking to each other after the woman received a missed call from an unknown number, and called back to find her future husband.

The woman then left her first husband and their two children and eloped with her second husband. They had an informal marriage ceremony in a temple. According to the police, the second husband decided to team up with the first husband and put his efforts into tracking him down. He convinced the first husband to accompany him to the police and wanted police intervention.

The second husband had previously approached the Sonegaon police with a complaint against his estranged wife. In response to the complaint, the police registered a non-cognizable offence. In case of a non-cognizable offence, the police cannot arrest the accused with a warrant or began an investigation without permission from the court.

The woman’s first husband and second husband both had substantial proof that they were her “legal” husbands, but the marriage to her second husband at the temple cannot be held as legal, as the woman was still married to the first husband and there was no divorce.

The police cell in Bharosa did not register the men’s complaints and guided them to approach the Sonegaon police station. They were told to lodge a complaint about their estranged wife and her third partner.

Senior inspector Seema Surve, in charge of the Bharosa cell, said that “Since there were no instances of any domestic violence and victimisation, we felt the local police station can better legally deal with the situation.”

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