This Couple Did Not Serve Food At Their Wedding Leaving Guests Outraged

Calling the superstars of Disney World made it difficult for the couple to pay for the catering and bar service at their wedding.

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In most parts of the world, serving food to guests at weddings is a custom not to be tampered with. For many individuals, food is the only thing to be excited about when attending someone else's wedding. "How was the food," is one of the first few questions people ask someone who just got back from a wedding. It is hard to imagine that someone would treat serving food to guests at a wedding as an avoidable option. And yet an unidentified woman on reddit is going viral for doing the unacceptable.

In a viral tweet, a social media user shared a screenshot of the reddit post made by the controversial woman who didn't serve food to the guests at his wedding and wrote, "If I went to a wedding like this, I too would be talking sh** about it… f*** mean you’re not providing catering??? At a WEDDING??" So what was the wedding like if there was no catering service? According to the bride, it was a dream wedding.

Who Would Attend A Wedding Without Food?

The woman wrote in her reddit post that she and her fiancé were helped by their parents to carry out the wedding celebrations with much gusto. Both bride and groom call themselves "huge Disney fans" and that came in the way of serving food to their guests. According to the woman, her parents and in-laws had paid for the catering service but she and her fiancé decided to use that money for something apparently much more important to them. At the risk of sounding almost bizarre, the woman wrote that they had a wedding Minnie and a wedding Mickie show up at their wedding two times for 30 minutes and that costed them a huge chunk of money. Calling the superstars of Disney World made it difficult for the couple to pay for the catering and bar service at their wedding. Read the post here.

The couple expected their guests to get food from the nearby facilities or the vending machine available at the wedding venue. The guests were obviously pissed and the woman's aunt started to post on Facebook about how disappointed she was at the wedding. Other guests at the wedding were also being passive aggressive, the woman revealed. In the reddit post, the woman asked if she was wrong to not serve food to her guests and pay for the Minnie and Mickey instead as the Disney world is a big part of couple's relationship. Expectedly, the post brought even more hate towards the woman as social media users seemed confused and disapproving when they read about a wedding without food.

One user wrote, "Imagine getting 6K from your parents for catering but you decide to have them & your granny walking around with low blood sugar, drinking Dasani & hunting for decent food ‘cause you decide to blow it on 2 costumed mice. My folks would’ve asked for their money back expeditiously."


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While another user wrote, "Imagine thinking having cartoon characters appear at your wedding is more important than feeding your guests. Tacky does not describe it." Many users asked if the wedding guests were warned beforehand about the no-food situation at the wedding, to which the woman replied that the wedding invitation that "CLEARLY mentioned that there was food at the venue". She meant the vending machine and the eateries near the wedding venue.

What do you think about a wedding without any free food?