Who was Shreya Muralidhar? YouTuber And Influencer Who Died Recently

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Who was Shreya Muralidhar? The YouTuber and Influencer known for acting in various short films, succumbed to a cardiac arrest on 6th December. She was 27 years old. Social media users are expressing grief over the untimely demise of the influencer. The case is also raising concerns over the emerging trend of people dying at young age.

On social media, netizens are expressing grief over the loss, raising concerns over health issues the youth is facing earlier than usual for their age. The YouTuber lived with her family in Hyderabad. She had updated the post on her Instagram handle seven days ago in which she was seen lip-synching to a popular Telugu dialogue. Since the report of her death surfaced, many of her followers have been visiting her profile to express their condolences and how she was a loved person.

Here’s everything you should know about her

  1. She hailed from Lakdika pool in Hyderabad. She was an anchor as well.
  2. She had always been passionate about acting. She was one of the contestants of the reality show Pelli Choopulu hosted by Suma Kanakala and headlined by Pradeep Machiraju.
  3. Her short films have streamed on ‘What The Fun‘ YouTube channel as well.
  4. She also featured in the second season of the web series Beauty And The Boss.
  5. A lot of people have taken to social media to condole her death. Some of these include YouTube star Deepti Sunaina, Supriya, and Executive Producer Shiva Cherry among others.
  6. “Sprinkling kindness everywhere I go,” she wrote in her bio on Instagram. She had over 5,000 followers on Instagram. Her last post was made a week ago.
  7. Besides Instagram and YouTube, she was also a popular figure on the short video content app Moj.

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