10 Things To Know About The Death Of China’s Dancing Security Guard Influencer

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Dancing security guard influencer death case: China’s online community is shocked after a 33-year-old influencer was allegedly murdered by a former fan. The fan was reportedly miffed with Douyin star for not returning the gifts that he had sent her, after things went south between them.

Popular for posting dance videos, the woman enjoyed a massive fan following on Chinese video-focused social networking app Douyin- which is said to be an equivalent of TikTok.

Here are ten things to know about the Chinese influencer’s shocking death:

1. The 33-year-old influencer was only known by her online handle- Yubei Female Security Guard.

2. She had over 310,000 followers and was popular for her dance videos on the platform.

3. Yubei Female Security Guard actually used to work as a security guard at a driving school.

4. She was married and was a mother to two children, reports Today.

5. The woman was killed after meeting up with a fan on November 2.

6. It is being alleged that the fan had sent her gifts worth 100,000 yuan (close to 11.5 lakh rupees) during her online streams.

7. However, he began insisting that she should return all the money that he sent to her after things went sour between them.

8. Yubei Female Security Guard’s husband has claimed that he had no idea about her plans to meet up with a fan as he was away on a work trip.

9. The fan accused of killing the influencer has been arrested.

10. His identity is yet to be disclosed, however.

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