Who Is Rohini Sindhuri? Know Why The Mysuru Deputy Commissioner Is Accused Of Harassment

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Who is Rohini Sindhuri? In a sudden turn of events, Karnataka IAS officer Shilpa Nag announced her resignation from civil service citing “harassment” by Mysuru Deputy Commissioner Rohini Sindhuri, also highlighting the chaotic atmosphere in the administrative department in COVID-19 management.

The City Corporation (MCC) Commissioner, Shilpa Nag accused Sindhuri of harassment claiming that she is constantly calling the higher-ups and complaining to them that no work is being done in the MCC. She also alleged that Sindhuri has a personal grudge against her. “There is no conducive environment to work in Mysuru,” said Nag adding that she was not quitting as the Commissioner of MCC but was resigning from the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). “I kindly request you to accept the resignation and relieve me from moral dilemma, pain and sorrow …” said her handwritten letter.

Who is Rohini Sindhuri and why she is being accused of harassment?

1. IAS Officer Sindhuri was appointed the Mysuru Deputy Commissioner late last year. She had replaced B Sharat and posted in the position on September 28.

2. The Karnataka government appointed her during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic and ahead of Dasara. Sindhuri secured the 43rd rank in the UPSC exam and has been working in various departments in her career as an IAS officer.

3. Sindhuri, a 2009 batch IAS officer, was serving as Commissioner for Religious and Charitable Endowments before becoming the Deputy Commissioner for Mysuru.

4. With a B. Tech in Chemical engineering, Sindhuri has served as a district collector of Hassan in 2017. She was transferred in January 2018, even before she could complete six months of the posting. The officer’s transfer had attracted criticism and she had later won a legal battle against the state government challenging her premature transfer as Hassan Deputy Commissioner. Read who is Shilpa Nag here.

5. A prominent Karnataka civil servant, Sindhuri, who has a reputation of being an upright officer, was removed from her position as the secretary of the Karnataka Building and Construction Workers Welfare Board (KBCWWB) in Bengaluru in 2019, only after being posted there for seven months.

6. In the latest, Nag has alleged that Sindhuri is targeting her since the MCC is doing a good job. Sindhuri, reportedly, denied any harassment on her part and said the allegations against her were false and baseless.

7. She is married to Sudhir Reddy, a Software Engineer from Andhra Pradesh and they have a son and a daughter.

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